2023 Update

Stepping Stones for Stella has donated 650 buggies over the course of 7 years, to individuals and families thanks to our amazing donors and supporters. The buggies have given individuals the freedom that we have always promised Stella, and at the same time given our family so much more. It was truly our silver lining and it brought us so much joy to always see the smiling faces and memories being made with the use of our buggies. Stepping Stones for Stella allowed us the opportunity to connect with other families and form amazing friendships and relationships over the years, and we are forever grateful for that part of the journey. However, as all of our lives progress, Stella’s journey is evolving and we are evolving with her.  Although we will no longer be manufacturing buggies, we will continue to provide support to programs and missions that offer freedom and inclusivity for individuals with disabilities and we hope you continue on this journey with us.  To learn more about our adaptive clothing line and fitness program visit and